Is Internet Linked to Insanity?

25 Oct

I wonder if cases of people going insane has increased since the internet?  I feel trapped on this digital matrix we are all so entangled in. Not really sure which thoughts are mine anymore.
It’s governments way of dumbing us all down by thinking we have all the answers. We are a generation of “know it alls.”
A bunch of ill researched mind drones. I crave to live off the grid. To walk into a party without glowing faces. Where people sneak off to take selfies and to check in places. You are every stalkers dream. I’m tired of conversing with your duck face excuse for a soul.  Yet, I do the same.  I am linked on the assembly line of this digital hades. And I can’t connect to a human being fully because I’m stuck swiping left and right. That’s right, fuck you Tinder.  For turning people into a farm animal. And fuck me for my daily ego stroking it provides. The hypocritical thing about this whole blog entry is that I wrote it on the Internet.  The difference between you and me is, I have the balls to admit I am a damn hypocrite. 


20 Oct

If you touch me, you have to mean it. My heart is bruised and bandaged. The gauze is falling off and the wounds have callused.  Don’t speak to it, unless you intend to undress it. Medicate it and patiently wait for regrowth.  Until then, it remains a bloody gauzed up mess. Stay away from me, unless you see past my contrived emotions.  And if I do open up to you, you better listen. Vulnerability is only shown to the blessed. Everyone else sees the glitz and glam. Until you’ve gained my trust, you can buy tickets to the show. But, when the lights go out and I’m sitting back stage, I feel alone. Energy hums through my skin and secretes from my fingers. Who will sit in the darkness with me? Not just to wait until the flashing lights come back or to wonder what’s in it for them? So, don’t touch me unless you need my truth. Because, my heart is already mummified and over stitched.

Be a Teacher and a Student.

19 Feb

Thinking we are the smartest person in the room is one of the most ignorant things we can do. It closes us off from developing as a person. I’m not saying sway with each person’s opinion or thought, but at least open your ears. Within every person is a story and an abundance of individual life lessons. We must avoid our passions taking on a know it all mentality. In fact, knowing when to learn and when to teach is something that takes some practice.
     Mentally and physically challenged individuals harbor an abundance of life wisdom. Often times, we don’t stop to hear their stories.  The hearing impaired may have such a keen sense of sight that is missed among those who actually hear the birds chirping. What about the empathy that comes from having been placed with an extra challenge such as that? Empathic people are stronger observers and highly connected to the world around them. The physically challenged has the mental strength to find joy within moments of triumphs and mental stimulation. They must be highly adaptable to changing environments and have the strength to protect from others ignorance.
    When we are passionate about something we want to tell the world. Share it with everyone and as often as possible. Where it gets tricky is we don’t check in for a shared passion. An equal amount of excitement where all involved can learn and teach something of value. Careful of the peacock syndrome, where we flash our talents without connecting with others on their ideas too. Peacocks are pretty to look at but no one ever wants to touch them. Let’s ask around on what people know, maybe they know something we don’t. If they lack knowledge, we can become teachers and empower them. Nothing was ever accomplished by gossiping about someone’s ignorance. On the other hand, knowing when to swallow our pride and ask for help.
    All the great leaders were once behind someone, taking orders. If they looked at the big picture, hopefully learning something from the person above them. Maybe it might be something along the lines that they will never boss people around the way they do or bring drama with them. Something has been gained that we can take with us. There is no reason why we can’t mentally and emotionally evolve; with libraries (yes, those still exist.), the internet, and higher education opportunities.
    I admit there is a lot I don’t know and that is alright. If we were born with all the answers, what fun would life be? It would take the adventure away and the excitement within the unknown.

The Personalities of the World.

5 Jan

The minute after a baby is born it’s personality starts developing.  I have found that there are different types of people in this world.  If it wasn’t for all these groups society would not function.  Most of us are hybrids, which causes us to be internally conflicted.   Some personality types are glorified.  They are thought to be the formula for successful people.  We can’t change who we are at the core, only patterns chosen.

 Gypsies- Explores of the world. The traveling souls.

The Protectors-  Fighters of the masses. They move and shake up the people for progression in society. 

Healers- Guardian angels of the earth. The world’s pain weighs on their hearts.

The Traditional- They want to raise a family and get pride through others successes.

The Artist- Emotions are their motivation and are often uncontrollable.  The heightened ones create the most powerful art.

The Realist- Rule followers and have a keen sense of what is going on around them.

Innovators- Always coming out with the next best thing. Idea people.

Go Getters- They learn about life through doing. Completely live in the moment.


Something Humans Crave- Music video

6 Dec

“Something Humans Crave” By The Things They Carried.

Directed by Scott Hansen.
Written/Produced: Mary Dixon
Starring Myself (Ashley Vetere) and Jay Tuthill.

Acting Headshots and acting clips 12-06-13

6 Dec

1374178_10102254055412362_1516604363_n Commericalheadshot-temp


Meditation is your Blunt Best Friend.

1 Dec

Quiet the mind, tame the spirit, and get prepared to cry.  The crying part? Pretty common. Yes, mediation will bring that inner child out.  Remember? The vulnerable one?  The one that loves with an open heart and explores the world with a sense of wonder. 

How is Meditation?

It’s like that blunt friend that cuts through the crap and gets to the core it.

Meditation is Difficult.

At first it’s difficult to just sit there and stare off into space. 

Mediation Sparks an Evolution of Mind.

Medical students are being taught to now ask about alternative practices for health. Yoga and mediation are one of the first ones mentioned.  On warmer days, you can find med students on the lawn practicing their down dogs.

 My friend Jessica Jayne said:

“Yoga changes you on a molecular level.”

Modern medicine is finding proof in this statement.

My challenges with Meditation:

 Over thinking


Back Pain



 Hip pain

Hyper awareness of breath


How Meditation has Changed me:

Balance of emotions

Joy of living in the moment

A need for human connection

Eased back pain

Deeper empathy

Less ego

Stronger sense of self

Silence reveals the truth. Honesty helps filter and clean the damage that life can create. It peels back layers of numbness and uncovers our inner child. The inner child is vulnerable, curious, and joyful. It teaches us to sing, fall down, and be our authentic selves. How does it do all this? Silence and stillness. There is no judgment that molds who we think we should be. Meditation is a journey of self discovery.  Life for me is about curiosity, love, adventure, and peace.


Find your inner glow.














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