The Dangers of Over Analyzing

10 Dec

Sometimes we can over analyze and justify our way to numbness. When it comes to realtionships, it’s simple. How does that person makes us feel when they’re gone? Are we drained after? Or do we feel refreshed? If someone is constantly draining your emotions, maybe it’s time to take a step back for a while. Trying to break down their behaviors and to justify why their hurting you  does not change what’s happening. Just because they have been “figured out” does not change how we are feeling. We have to protect our heart and our energy.  People change from within, in their own time. All we can do is change the way we react to it. Trying to read between the lines of what they’re saying vs. what they’re doing? You’re wasting time.

I have two ideas:

  1. Share your thoughts and work on how you react.
  2. Show them love and send them on their way.

Life is too short to try and analyze people just to justify their bad behavior. Your emotions are valid too. 

Dark vs. Light 

20 Nov

Have you ever met those people that bad things seem to always happen to them? When they walk into a room, feelings of anxiety and insecurity creep up inside of you. It’s like they are projecting their own darkness into you. How are thoughts so powerful that they transfer into the energy of the room? Then there are others that radiate when they walk into the room. You feel calm and beam from the inside out because of the energy they output.  The person with the good energy propels with success. The one with the jaded viewpoint? Failure after failure. That only justifies their viewpoint that life sucks. Life is hard, yes. But, is it an opportunity or a challenge? Are we here to lift others up or project our issues onto them? It all begins with our thoughts and love for ourself. Discover and explore. Be relentless in your pursuit of you. Internal happiness transposes onto the world and creates momentum. Don’t let the darkness and fear possess your life.

I love myself, I hate myself. 

8 May

Ever have days where your evil twin enters your thoughts? I had an interview today that I was really estactic about. My evil twin decided to tag along. She had nagging thoughts the whole time. I’m too bubbly. Too airheaded. Indecisive. Unfocused. People pleaser. On the outside, I was smiley and composed. Seemed confident and collected. But, man was my twin a bitch today. Got in the car, blasted some music and she fell asleep for the rest of the car ride home. Sometimes we have to tell our negative selves to go to sleep. We are who we are. As much of a hot mess as I may seem at times.   I have to love myself. I have to protect my heart and find peace in my choices. So, I knocked my evil twin out and locked her in the trunk. Hopefully, she won’t escape and tag along to the next outing. 

Los Angeles- City of Broken Dreams.

5 May

Night hiking. There is something serene and haunting about the sprawling City of Angels I now call my home. Overly primped and prestine people cross-fit by dragging their dehydrated dogs behind. The man’s best friend clinging to whatever shade they can find. In a way, Los Angeles drags our thirsty asses up a very large mountain. When we get to the top, we hope there is water and a safe place to protect us. On our way there, we slip and sometimes fall if we are not properly protected. We can increase our survival if we walk in packs. Spotting the rough edges, rattle snakes, and broken pieces that could make us fall to our death. To make it to the top, we have to ignore the height of the mountain. The only way to survive is to just keep trudging forward.  Even if that means inclining through nightfall. Once we concure that Bitch of a Mountain, the rest just seems so simple. 



28 Jan

I wish I was the type to complete all my items on my to do list within its deadline. But, I’m not. I would rather ponder about life and listen to hours of music. Where would I be if my lists were completed promptly? What if I chased money instead of my passions? Am I wrong for wishing I did? That my life would be easier. More predictable and respectable. My life is that of a gypsy. I have an addiction to my passions. There is no way out. Forever summoned to a life of soul searching and journey exploring. I am unconventional and unpredictable. It’s all I know. Is to just to be and to live.

Just live life.

Playing Games or Setting Boundaries?

29 Dec

How do you react when someone new in your life disappoints you? Do you react casually or tell them what’s really on your mind? I mean, do you have a right to say certain things? It’s hard when true lines aren’t defined. That’s when accidental games are played. That is when I don’t respond because my feelings are hurt and its too soon to respond that way. Sometimes I play it too cool and other times I say too much. As I writer, about a paragraph of feelings. After my slippage of text, I feel intense regret. Then bitterness. Bitterness followed by intense regret. The sinking in my stomach and then the throwing myself into other work. I have happy puppy syndrome with a twist of your scared cat that hides under the bed. My curiosity always gets the best of me.

Some people you invest vulnerability into.

While other people, emotional walls should go back up for your protection.

Time reveals character.

Why want someone who doesn’t want you?


Love your faults?

15 Dec

I am a self help book junkie. Every trendy life enhancing article/book out there I’ve picked up at one point or another. Something that has occurred to me recently is that these are other people’s ideas of perfection. Who do they think they are? Are they God? Are these authors perfect themselves? I doubt it. Perfect people are boring. They make me feel judged and that one day they may crack themselves. I have always been drawn to the slightly ‘off their rocker’ individual. The kind that wears their heart on their sleeve. Throws all their passions into the things they love and forgets about the boring details. Have I changed? Yes. Was it always for the better? Not really. Because, the best version of yourself is most important. No other person can tell you what that is. Will I read more self help books? Probably. I’ve changed. I’ve changed because I won’t compare and belittle myself due to not fitting every category of the perfect woman, daughter, girlfriend, wife, best friend, employee, or what ever other roles society gives me. Be yourself. Not an overly primped Barbie doll Stepford wife. It’s boring. Makeup and silicone are expensive to keep up with.


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