The House of Acid Washed Jeans 

28 Apr

Passages protected and exits lit.

Thump. Thump.

Patiently,  you sit. 

It’s gated

I say

But, not barricaded

Can you 

Ignite the decayed 

What shall you do

Calm yourself

Thump. Thump.

I said

Passable are gates  


They halt

Walls stained

Like acid washed jeans

This house 

It hurls and it heaves 

Thump. Thump. 

It sings

Two beings  

Encapsulated by material things 

Exposed and free

Our Demons Inside

7 Apr

We dance in the light 

And sulk in the dark

Our demons we hide 

Looking for our twin flame 

But hiding our shame 

Afraid to be vulnerable 

So we battle with words

To hide our demons inside

Little by little 

We expose 

Our own hell 

To find someone to dance in the dark

And make love in the light 

Rest in Peace, Sweet Soul 

29 Mar

I know that we will all die just as we have lived. That nothing in our lives is permanent. What I can’t understand is when people are taken too soon from this earth. I’m grieving tonight after reading
my high school friend’s sister passed away. I am posting this on my blog because this is their sadness. It’s not about me but I grieve in memory of her beautiful spirit. I hope it finds a new and suitable place to prosper and flourish. 

Serial cycles 

22 Mar

Over analytical

Under emotional 

Your words wrapped in crocodile tears

Your follow through is non existent 

Vocabulary so dense

Soul so new

Childish and


I transpose these woes 

Into words on a blank page

A chance for you to relate

That words are just words

If you can’t connect 

One human to another human 

Hello from earth

I’m here

Old soul 

Trying to connect 

With a new soul 

Wondering why I can’t connect 

Heart with Patches and Scratches

16 Mar

Here I go again 

Heart with patches and scratches 

Thrown into the lions den 

Looking around and 

I don’t want to be here

Not like this 

Why am I in this predicament?

Not once or twice

Multiple times before  

And again I fight 

Is it the fault of healer? 

Or the pattern of an enabler?

Who am I really? 

Who were you really?

You throw cliche lines at me 

Tears down your face

I can see

But it’s not connecting

And it breaks me

Tears down my face

You read

I can’t bear this 

I’ll hold your hand 

You leave

And I’ll let you go

 I’m detached 

Your mate is no longer matched 

Calloused fingers 

From holding the needle

To sew on what I thought was attached 

Call me dramatic 

I’ve never been not 

My emotions transparent 

Fingers clicking out venom 

Passive aggression 

In this moment 

I’ve surrendered 

I can’t be who I’m not

The ups and downs in life

We all have, maybe you forgot 

Thought you were there for the ride 

You were there to look at the lights 

You can’t see past your own vertical decline 

You’ll be at it alone now

I’ve let go

My detached patches 

They need fixing 

And I don’t rely on those inflicting 

But I’ll always choose love 

In spite of these tears  

Wishing you well 

Your karma will come 

On your well being, I can no longer dwell 

Soul Searching- Poem

7 Mar

Heart surprises

Intention rises

But, I don’t feel a thing


Suppression. So deep. 

Wonder when it will leave? 

Hold on

What are we doing here?
Heart suprises 

Intention rises 

But I don’t feel a thing

Puzzles made from patterns

Because, our fate

It’s signed

Truths aren’t valid

Society so pallid 
Heart suprises 

Intention rises

But, I don’t feel a thing 

Who search for a purpose 

With each and every purchase 

But, don’t feel a thing
Looking for Nazareth  

A voice that pulses us

To unslain our society
Our heart 
It suprises us

As our intentions

They do arise within us

The Dangers of Over Analyzing

10 Dec

Sometimes we can over analyze and justify our way to numbness. When it comes to realtionships, it’s simple. How does that person makes us feel when they’re gone? Are we drained after? Or do we feel refreshed? If someone is constantly draining your emotions, it’s time to take a step back for a while. Trying to break down their behaviors and justify why their hurting you does not change what’s happening. Just because they have been “figured out” does not change how we are feeling. We have to protect our heart and our energy.  People change from within, on their own time. All we can do is change the way we react to it. Trying to read between the lines of what they’re saying vs. what their doing? You’re wasting time.

I have two ideas:

  1. Share your thoughts and work on how you react.
  2. Show them love and send them on their way.

Life is too short to try and analyze people just to justify their bad behavior. Your emotions are valid too. 


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